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Band members bring a professional, responsible attitude to each engagement. The loyalty they feel toward the places they play is reflected in the way they promote their bookings, and in the zany way they create fun for their audiences. Meeting the needs of both their clients and their listeners is The Reaganomics' primary goal.

Since all of these musicians have had previous experience working in local bands, their coming together in The Reaganomics brought them an immediate and enthusiastic following. No matter where they perform they seem to attract large crowds . Individually, they have played a variety of clubs and private engagements.

The Reaganomics adapt easily to their surroundings. They can play clubs and outdoor events with equal ease. Wherever they are, they blend a serious commitment to music with lighthearted fun.

We also are current members of the Ohio Fair Managers Association, the Ohio Festivals & Events Association, and the International Association of Fairs and Expositions.

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