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Article in the April 1998 issue of Entertainment Columbus

Some Like It Hot with The Reaganomics

By Alla Reese and Ellen Corsi

You know, One Thing Leads to Another, but Don't Change, because all you do is Talk, Talk. Some Like It Hot, and others are Turning Japanese. Some people want a White Wedding and others get Tainted Love. But then again, you could always Bang A Gong, or hang out with a Missionary Man. Are you Addicted To Love or just Tempted? The ultimate question is, Should I Stay or Should I Go? I Will Follow, but What I Like About You is that you Whip It.

The eighties are back. The music of the previous decade seems to be everywhere. Restaurants are blasting one eighties tune after another. Commercials are playing ten year old songs as jingles, radio stations devote entire evenings to eighties music and VH1 is now featuring the "Big Eighties."

Locally, The Reaganomics are leading the Columbus music scene's eighties revival. The group was founded two years ago, and has since become one of the most entertaining acts in town. If you haven't seen them live or met them, let me introduce you. The Reaganomics members are Dave Gilley on keyboards and vocals, Sully Caradonna on bass and vocals, Rob Joseph on guitar and vocals, Keenan Blanke on lead vocals, and Wig (that's right, Wig) on drums.

The Reaganomics may be a cover band, but don't look for any eighties spoofing at their shows. They do eighties music because they truly like it; there is no sap. As Dave Gilley puts it, "We have respect for the music, for a song's true form. We try to maintain the core life of the song."
The group has gained a reputation for being a quality act, and has become one of the major draws to the Columbus music scene. As we were talking at a local eatery, our server, having delivered the food, stopped and looked around the table. When she saw the band's name on the promotional material, her face lit up. She said, "I know that group. They're really good." When Sully explained that they were The Reaganomics, she nodded cheerfully and said, "I love eighties music."

This brought the conversation back to the original question - why is the music of the last decade enjoying such a renewed popularity in the late nineties? Maybe we miss the high tech sound of the eighties after the retro acoustic guitars and folk style music of the nineties. Maybe we are drawn to the visual excitement of the videos of that era. There is one overriding reason, though. It's fun! The music, the atmosphere - is fun and danceable! That's why people are listening to eighties music; that's why they come to see The Reaganomics perform. We just want to have fun. Hey, isn't that an eighties song?

By the way, the band encourages all single guys to come to the shows. This is a purely humanitarian gesture on their part. It seems that the music attracts beautiful women. The group swears that the prettiest women in Columbus can be seen at their shows.

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