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Article in Funcoast.com, June 20, 2008

Warm fuzzy feelings for Reaganomics?

By John Benson

When a cover band is called Reaganomics, there is little doubt regarding what kind of music the act plays.

"We're basically an '80s band," said band member Sully Caradonna, calling from outside of Columbus. "I think it was just a great era for music. With the emergence of MTV, that sticks in a lot of people's heads. I think the wide range of alternative to pop to metal identified with a large amount of genres and people.

And on top of that, they were very good songs that were written with great hooks. So a lot of people we cater to grew up in the '80s, and when they hear it they love it. There's a nostalgic aspect to it, obviously."

Formed roughly 12 years ago, the Columbus-based outfit has a large set list that varies from Duran Duran and Bon Jovi to Paul Simon, Cheap Trick and even The Clash. Caradonna said the act has learned over the years that no matter how tempting it might be to put little known or even rare '80s track into its show, the effort isn't worth the results.

"We try to stay away from doing things too obscure right now because part of the formula is making sure people can identify with the songs that we do," Caradonna said. "There were a lot of songs from the '80s and we made a major effort to rehearse those, play those and they can turn out real great, but some people just don't respond to (obscure songs) because they don't know them."

That means when Reaganomics comes to Port Clinton for a June 21 show at Nick's Road House Bar & Grill, you won't hear anything from the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen and others.

Futhermore, the act, which averages over 60 dates a year, has focused most of its touring in the Northwest Ohio area. However, Caradonna said that he's hoping to add more area dates in the near future.

"We played Port Clinton a few years ago, and we're invited back again, so we're more than happy to play in that area," Caradonna said. "We look forward to it and can hopefully do it on a more consistent basis."

And what can the Nick's Road House Bar & Grill audience expect?

"If they're looking for a quality act that is very entertaining, they're going to get it," Caradonna said. "And most of all, they'll be able to go back in time and experience a part of their youth. And hopefully, they'll get a nice warm fuzzy feeling from it all."

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