Proud to be an American...

This is our holiday, folks. This is where we show the world what we're made of. Ever hear of a barbecue in Russia? NO! Ever see a row of beer-bellies lining up on the side of a street to watch this year's Spud Queen roll her way down Front Street in Kazakhstan? I DON'T THINK SO!!! Do you think they have small explosive devices to entertain themselves in third-world countries?

...ok, don't answer that last one.

Getting back to my point...this is the time for doing what we as Americans do best. Celebrating ourselves! And what better way to do this than to join about a half-million of our closest friends at this year's Red White & Boom celebration, July 3rd in downtown Columbus! After the fireworks, the only place to be is at the Frog Bear with the Reaganomics!!! Join us inside for the ultimate Fourth of July jam with Frog Bear's Plaza Party!

Oh, but it doesn't stop there!!

Absolutely not...Wednesday we kick it up a notch at the Gahanna Freedom Festival, located at the Gahanna Golf Course. Lots of friends, lots of good times, lots of loud noises. We start at 5:30, so be at Kas' house a couple hours early if you need a lift. {Hey, now wait a minute!!!}

Saturday night

Look, you'll have had two whole nights to rest Saturday night we'll be back at Flannagan's, and as always, it'll be a blast. The tables go fast, so get there early!! Bring your dancin' shoes...unless, of course, you dance like Ron...nobody wants to see that...

For more information, directions to the clubs, or to reminisce about old Fred & Ginger movies, visit us at


Upcoming Schedule

Below are our next five public dates. Keep the party going and come see us soon! For more dates, check out our schedule page.

Tuesday, 7/3/2007 10:00 PM
The Frog Bear & Wild Boar Bar (website)
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Wednesday, 7/4/2007 5:30 PM
Gahanna Freedom Festival (website)
Gahanna Municipal Golf Course (website)
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Saturday, 7/7/2007 10:30 PM
Flannagan's (website)
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Friday, 7/13/2007 8:00 PM
Gordy's (website)
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Friday, 7/20/2007 8:00 PM
Benny's Pizza (website)
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