Rain, rain, go away...

The Warsteiner's flowin' and the boys want to play!! Oktoberfest is already here, and we've got work to do! Remember everybody, we start at 6:00 this year, and the 'Fest has moved to the Genoa Park and Amphitheater next to COSI. Also a plus, it's right next to the river for those of you who'll be arriving by canoe.

After much deliberation, we've decided to break down and have a few beers with the show.

I know. Try to contain your shock.

"OUT!" she says...

So, out we go! For the third straight night this weekend we'll be outside at Gordy's in Westerville, and if I've done my juju properly, the clouds will part and we'll be bringin' da noize! We start at 8, and we finish soon after the court order arrives. Take advantage of their great drink prices, then go home and take advantage of something else! MOOOOOHOOHOOOHOOOHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

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Upcoming Schedule

For more dates, take a look at our schedule page. Here comes the rain again...

Friday, 9/5/2008 6:00 PM
German Village Oktoberfest
Pepsi Amphitheater
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Saturday, 9/6/2008 8:00 PM
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Friday, 9/12/2008 10:15 PM
The Lazy Chameleon
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Friday, 9/19/2008 8:00 PM
Benny's Pizza
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Saturday, 9/20/2008 10:00 PM
The Frog Bear & Wild Boar Bar
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