The Reaganomics in Columbus Monthly!!

The Reaganomics in the May 2009 issue of Columbus Monthly!

Thanks to Ben Zenitsky and Columbus Monthly for the shout-out! It's nice to finally be in a local publication that doesn't have anything to do with the County Sheriff.

To address the obvious questions about the pic: No, Paul isn't doing the "Chicken Dance," Keenan did NOT just get hit in the head with a beer bottle, and Kas is NOT napping. Hope that helps.

While you're at it, go to Columbus Monthly's "Best of Columbus" ballot and vote for us! Polls close at 5pm, April 30th (that's TOMORROW for the numerically-challenged out there). We'd do it for you, y'know...

Jungle Love

After taking Friday night off to watch Judge Judy, your boys will be back in the Arena District at The Frog Bear & Wild Boar Bar. Any ladies that show up in a Snuggie get in free!!

Okay, so you get in free anyway, but I digress...

Next Weekend!!

Next Friday, May 8th, we're hanging out at The Distillery on Heatherdowns to give Toledo a little preview of this year's upcoming Rock-the-Block! You might want to just go there now & set up camp...this place gets busy, and we can't be held responsible for any "personal space" issues. Watch out for Donnie though...he's a hugger.

Next Saturday, May 9th we're finally back at Flannagan's. We haven't been there since the "St. Patty's Two-fer" incident back in March, so we're itchin' to party with our Dublin friends.

Literally, itching. Wool speedos are not our friends.

For more information, directions to the clubs, or more inappropriate mental images of a bunch of old guys:

Upcoming Schedule

For more dates, take a look at our schedule page. I think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so.

Saturday, 5/2/2009 10:00 PM
The Frog Bear & Wild Boar Bar
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Friday, 5/8/2009 9:30 PM
The Distillery
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Saturday, 5/9/2009 10:30 PM
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Friday, 5/15/2009 9:30 PM
On the Rocks
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Friday, 5/22/2009 8:00 PM
Benny's Pizza
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