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Can you spot the differences?

Occasionally, just to keep you kids on your toes, we like to throw something at you in our newsletters to make us look interesting. So if you're wondering what you could be doing on company time that doesn't involve spreadsheets, take a look at the photos below and see if you can count all the subtle differences:

Image #1:

Now look VERY closely....image #2:

If you can spot all the differences in the above photos, congratulations...sometimes we can't even tell the difference!


Could it be? Is it Friday already? HELL YEAH, and nobody does Happy Hour like The Lazy Chameleon and your favorite 80s monkeys. We start at 10:15-ish, so get your spot early, get a few suds and nachos...and you can say you were there "when." Miss out, and you may lose a kidney. Sorry....not my rules...

Next Friday!!

Hey Napoleon...remember us?! Next week we make the trek up to the Toledo-ish area to blast a rock 'n roll crater in northwest Ohio at the Rally in the Alley. Food, froth & frolic for anyone who likes a great time under the open sky...and maybe...just maybe if we're lucky...we'll get a glimpse of Donnie's new piercing. No promises tho...

For more information, directions to the club or if you think you love us:

Upcoming Schedule

For more dates, take a look at our schedule page. C'mon, get happy...

Friday, 7/30/2010 10:15 PM
The Lazy Chameleon
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Friday, 8/6/2010 7:00 PM
Rally in the Alley
Napoleon Elks Lodge 929
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Thursday, 8/12/2010 5:00 PM
Downtown LIVE! Summer Concert Series
Hyatt on Capitol Square/Darby's Outdoor Café
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Friday, 8/20/2010 10:30 PM
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Saturday, 8/21/2010 6:30 PM
All-Ohio Balloon Festival
Union County Airport
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