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Let the sun shine in...

As I was admiring another lovely day of Central-Ohio weather, I got to thinking...we never actually stop to appreciate the natural beauty that blesses us on a daily basis around here. To that end, I've decided to capture a few shots of the stunning skies.

Here's a beautiful panoramic pic of that amazing sunset over Columbus earlier this month, in case you missed it:


And not be be outdone, the morning sun coming up over the trees a few days later...kinda takes your breath away:


I know it's silly, but I like to look for shapes of animals & things in the clouds over our city. Even as a kid I enjoyed this little pastime...and I thought I would share a few of the interesting things I saw. See if you can make out the same things I did:

A bunny:

A turtle:

Dennis Kucinich:

That cancerous mole on my @$$:


Kinda makes you just happy to be freakin' alive.

And speaking of Gray days...

Tomorrow night at 343 Front Street we welcome Donnie back from his vacation of starting trouble in the Middle East. Feel free to blame him for the rise in gas prices.

Coming soon to an Irish pub near you!!

Don't forget to tell your boss there's no way in hell you're gonna be at work on Thursday, March 17th. As always, we'll be lifting a cold one at Flannagan's for the biggest St. Patty's Day party this side of Belfast. We'll be on the big stage outside at 5:00pm sharp...under the tent, so at least there'll be a reason we can't see the sun.

No, I'm not bitter.

And no, it's not too early... make your plans to see The Reaganomics at The Final Score Sports Pub in Delaware, April 2nd. Tickets go fast, so call 740.363.4799 to reserve your table. If you didn't make it to our last show there, you probably missed the whole thing!

Ya gotta appreciate my firm grasp of the obvious...

For more information, directions to the clubs or to hold me now:

Upcoming Schedule

For more dates, take a look at our schedule page. Warm my heart...stay with me...

Saturday, 2/26/2011 9:30 PM
343 Front Street
(formerly Frog Bear)

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Saturday, 3/5/2011 10:15 PM
The Lazy Chameleon
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Thursday, 3/17/2011 5:00 PM
Flannagan's - ST. PATTY'S DAY!!!
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Saturday, 3/19/2011 9:30 PM
The Overdrive
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Friday, 4/1/2011 9:30 PM
343 Front Street
(formerly Frog Bear)

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