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We LOVE sequels!

Yes kids, it's finally here! HE'S BACK!!

This weekend,
Sully will be back amongst our ranks in The Reaganomics lineup after recuperating for many months from a bizarre bikini wax mishap. Come celebrate with us as Sully demonstrates his uncanny ability of playing one note at a time.


Help us kick off the summer with a hot time at the 343 in Arena District. We start at 9:30-ish, so get there early so we don't feel like we're "Dancin' with ourselves." We're insecure enough as it is...


The Lazy Chameleon's Cinco de Mayo Party!!

Need I say more? Not that it's stopped me before....we start at 10:15-ish, and for the love of all that's
distilled from the agave, GET THERE EARLY!! A hundred & twelve million Mexicans can't be wrong...

For more information, directions to the club or if you're on the Mexican radio:

Upcoming Schedule

For more dates, take a look at our schedule page. And don't shoot anybody on the Mexican border...

Friday, 5/4/2012 9:30 PM
343 Front Street
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Saturday, 5/5/2012 10:15 PM
The Lazy Chameleon
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Friday, 5/18/2012 9:30 PM
On the Rocks
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Saturday, 5/19/2012 12:00 PM
Vote 4 Energy Rally
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union #189
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Friday, 5/25/2012 8:00 PM
Benny's Pizza
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