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"Columbus' Best Local Band"
The Other Paper, July 24, 2008
The Other Paper
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From the Live Music section in the May issue of (614) Magazine, May, 2009
The Reaganomics
By Don Allred
"For the past 13 years, Columbus-based Reaganomics have taken a "Walk Like An Egyptian" on the supply side of big 80s hits. They specialize in an MTV rainbow including elegant bachelors Duran Duran, the perfect nerd/glam balance of Cheap Trick, Bon Jovi, Paul Simon, The Clash, J. Geils: whatever's forever upbeat and undeniable. Reaganomics play 'em straight, which is right. Many of these songs couldn't be funnier - or tighter, as represented by this fresh crew."

Article in the May issue of Columbus Monthly, April 27, 2009
After Dark - The Reaganomics
By Ben Zenitsky
Several years ago, the Reaganomics were covering Billy Idol's 1982 hit "White Wedding." At the part near the end that required lead singer Keenan Blanke to scream, "It's a nice day to start again," he held the note too long, lost consciousness and fell back onto the drum set. The other band members were stunned...
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Article in Funcoast.com, June 20, 2008
Warm fuzzy feelings for Reaganomics?
By John Benson
When a cover band is called Reaganomics, there is little doubt regarding what kind of music the act plays.

"We're basically an '80s band," said band member Sully Caradonna, calling from outside of Columbus. "I think it was just a great era for music. With the emergence of MTV, that sticks in a lot of people's heads. I think the wide range of alternative to pop to metal identified with a large amount of genres and people...
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Article in whatzup! magazine, February 28, 2008
Still Rockin' Like It's 1985
By Michele DeVinney
For some of us, the 1980s don't really seem that long ago. The vision of big hair, pastel T-shirts and multi-toned eye shadow seem a strange but recent memory. But if that's your thinking, don't look now, but it's been nearly two decades since the 80s ended and over a quarter-century since they began. When Michael Jackson's Thriller is celebrating its silver anniversary, you quickly realize that time marches on.
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Article in the Upper Arlington News, SNP, June 29, 2005
Music sets mood for festivities
By Katy Waters
Upper Arlington's July Fourth festivities begin Monday morning and end Monday night, making the one-day, community-wide party the shortest -- yet most planned and anticipated -- of the year.
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Article in the May 4-10, 2000 issue of Columbus Alive
Who Can it Be Now?
If VH1's retropia was a religion, The Singles 1980-1989 could be its hymnal.  The disc, the first from Columbus' favorite throwbacks The Reaganomics, includes such cultural touchstones as Safety Dance, You Spin Me Round, Hungry Like the Wolf and I Melt With You, just to name a few.
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Article in the April 1998 issue of Entertainment Columbus
Some Like It Hot with The Reaganomics
By Alla Reese and Ellen Corsi
You know, One Thing Leads to Another, but Don't Change, because all you do is Talk, Talk. Some Like It Hot, and others are Turning Japanese. Some people want a White Wedding and others get Tainted Love. But then again, you could always Bang A Gong, or hang out with a Missionary Man. Are you Addicted To Love or just Tempted? The ultimate question is, Should I Stay or Should I Go? I Will Follow, but What I Like About You is that you Whip It.

The eighties are back...
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DJ Quotes

" ...Great band - always a good time" - Daddy Wags, QFM96

" ...bringing you the best of the 80s" - Michael Palermo, CD101

" ...Sizzlin' hot CD" - WNCI

Article in the Feb. 18-24 1998 issue of Columbus Alive
Retropolitan: Nostalgia's back and Bow Wow Wow leads the pack/Retro fit
by Kim Leddy

...Also fun, and subject to almost as much derision as disco, was the New Wave flavor of the '80s. And while it seems almost too close in memory to experience a nostalgic boost, the '80s are back. Formed two years ago, the local band Reaganomics is currently riding this crest of '80s reanimation to become one of the most popular gigs in town.
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Article in the Feb. 1997 issue of The Other Paper
A K-Tel set of '80s tunes
by Dan Williamson

Getting turned away at the door of Ludlow's sold-out Howlin' Maggie show could've been the best thing that happened to you Friday night. Because you might have wandered into Clancy's Downunder on High Street (just a block away from Ludlow's), encountered an 80s cover band called Reaganomics, and had a delightfully nostalgic evening.
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